About Our Vehicle Tracking Systems

Reasons to Use Our Vehicle Tracking System

We install GPS tracking devises into vehicles of all types on a nationwide basis.

We fit to plant mainly to guard against theft, but it is also used to monitor when the machine is being used. Most plant are hired by the day but unless the job is finished the machine will be left on site due to the cost of moving it, so if a customer says they won’t be using it for the weekend they aren’t charged however they may use it a little and this will show up in the reports that I will tell you about in a while. This is a mini digger however we have done all plant from little trailered compressors up to huge excavators. We have even done a train!

However the majority of installs we complete are into vans and trucks, and the purpose of this is a fleet management tool.

Let me tell you about the actual hardware that is installed into these vehicles.

The unit is fitted covertly inside the vehicle I.e. nothing can be seen. It is hard wired into the vehicle electrics in order to charge the internal battery backup and also wired into the ignition circuits.

Once the ignition is turned on the unit gets its location in exactly the same way as a sat nav, by reading data from the GPS satellites. But instead of sending its location to a little screen it uses the inbuilt sim card to send this position to our servers using GPRS, which is the mobile phone broad band technology.

It does this once every second that the ignition is turned on.

Once our server receives it the customer can see this data by logging in to the web site. Each customer has their own unique user name and sets their own password.

Once logged in you are faced with the home screen which lists the registration numbers of your vehicles. It is easy to click on a Reg number to see that vehicle as a symbol on the map driving around in real time. The speed can be seen and the screen self-updates every minute as the vehicle moves around, the user can choose to watch one vehicle at a time or the entire fleet.

At the home screen you can highlight a vehicle and a calendar appears. You can choose any date from any month or a whole week and see each individual journey as a report or as a trail on a map.

Start and stop times are given along with locations, mileage and time taken for each journey.

If you needed to see the route taken you can see this on Google maps for that journey or for the whole day. If viewed as a map trail each pointer can give the speed and direction at that time and will also show any excessive idling times.

We can also see the location of the vehicles Live and watch them moving around in real time.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • If the driver knows that the vehicle is fitted with a tracking devise they will become very aware of their speed, punctuality, fuel use and general driving behaviour.
  • This will improve the drivers Time keeping and can be used to check the time sheets.
  • It will reduce unnecessary mileage due to taking the “long way round”.
  • It will highlight any unauthorised vehicle usage at weekends and evenings.
  • Reduce excessive lunch breaks.
  • It will show if the driver has been sat in the cab with the engine running thus wasting fuel.
  • You can get an email alert if a driver exceeds a speed limit that you specify and if a vehicle either leaves or enters a predetermined area that could be a depot a town or county or even a country.
  • It is easy to verify that any overtime claimed was done and will in most cases increase the productivity of that worker.
  • The system is easy to use and needs no additional software as it is internet based and uses Google mapping.
  • The hardware is the latest GPS technology and has a sim card in it to use GPRS or the mobile phone internet to transfer is data from the vehicle.
  • It comes with a 3 year warranty and is transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

For details of the demo website that anyone can play with www.driveshield.co.uk

How much does the system cost?

To Buy outright each unit costs 349.00 including onsite installation with an annual subscription of £94.00 for the sim and data costs.

Or we can offer leasing with a monthly cost of £25 over three years (minimum of ten vehicles for this option).




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