Vehicle Tracking Manchester

What is Vehicle Tracking?

We install a device into company vehicles. This device uses GPS and the mobile phone internet to send its location to our servers once every minute.

The company owners can then log in using any device with internet connection and see in real time , or any dates in the past, their vehicles whereabouts on Google maps. Then can also get Daily and Weekly movement reports which can be printed out and used as time sheets or proof of being in an area etc.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

This system benefits business in many ways including:

  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced overtime costs
  • increases productivity

How much does this cost?

£350 to buy a unit outright, with £84 per year for the sim card and data costs. Or we can lease this service for an inclusive price of around £25.00 per month. We also supply and install hands free phone equipment keeping company drivers safe and legal.

We also offer a vehicle to vehicle transfer service for any companies who already have a system when they buy new vehicles.

Installation process (how long it takes etc)

The installation typically takes ½ hour per vehicle and can be completed at a time and place the customer requires in order to minimise disruption to their work schedule.

Areas we Cover

  • Nationwide


To see the system in real time please go to

Log in with the following:

Password:               demo account

You will be able to see the system live.
(This is optimised to work best with Google Chrome as the browser.)

These are three of our sales vehicles

please view our PDF as a guide:

View PDF

Please feel free to play with this as much as you like.

You can see all vehicles in real time and also look at one vehicle at a time, or choose a vehicle and by clicking on the calendar you can see its movements on any previous date.

In the home screen if you choose the reports tab you can also choose to see reports from any selected time scale and export this info to excel.

If you would like a demonstration over the phone or in person at your office please let me know.
If you have any questions please call at any time.

Once purchased this system costs only £84.00 per year without contract.

To purchase out right is £350.00 per vehicle including the installation (50% paid upon order with the remainder paid upon completion of the installations)
There is also an annual subscription payable for the sim line rental and all data use of £84.00 per year per vehicle which is paid once the installation has taken place directly to the provider.

We can also offer all inclusive monthly leasing for easier payments (minimum of 10 vehicles) over three years

Monthly cost per vehicle: Please ask for a quote

Other costs that may be applicable are detailed below.


  • £50.00


  • £65.00

de and re-install - on same day at same location

  • £78.00

All Prices are + VAT

Vehicle Tracking Manchester

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